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Antonella Luciano with her daughter Alice


Antonella Luciano is the creator of the brand "La Ciliegina di Brighitte".

His talent emerged when, as the owner of an underwear and children's fashion shop, he started designing and making clothes and accessories, which were invariably the first to be requested.

It was the beginning of a path that led to the birth of a line, in which each garment

and his corresponding fantasy tell of his personality and sense of style.

There are many references to Antonella's hometown, Florence: fabrics adorned with intertwined curls

of plants and flowers that refer to the painting of the majestic '400.

The creator of the brand who has an interest in the history of art, pays a lot of attention to the painting of the Florentine Renaissance, and reports a hint of it in her creations.

In this collection, the CEO was particularly involved in Renaissance painting

from the early 16th century in Florence; with its splendid innovations by the master Michelangelo,

its changing colors, the introduction of the dynamic expressiveness of the human body and the presentation of the "serpentine figure"; all traits that have been finely inserted and translated in a modern key

in the collection of the "Ciliegina di Brighitte".

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